Creative Connection with Shweta offers its design and creative services to any client with any project type. With vast experience in different project types, no job is too small or big for us. Be it your dream home interior, extension design, craft and art, or simply requiring a few fixtures or design.

Customised Theme Based Glass Bottle Art
Customised Theme Based Doodle Art
Upcycled Home Décor Products

Completed Projects

1.Glass Bottle Painting -Pride Support .jpg1.Glass Bottle Painting- Christmas Delight.jpg1.Glass Bottle Painting- Harry Potter.jpg1.Glass Bottle Painting- Home Decor.jpg1.Glass Bottle Painting- Pizza Chef .jpg1.Glass Bottle Painting- Pizza Chef.jpg2.Doodle Art - Theme Architect.jpg2.Doodle Art Frame on Wall.png2.Doodle Art- Music Theme.jpg2.Doodle Art- Theme Architect.jpg3.Frames for wall decor.jpg3.Handpainted Wall Hanging.jpg3.Home Decor- Handcrafted Wall Hanging .jpg3.Home Decor- Handmade Wall Hanging .jpg

Why these products are Special?

  • All products are personalized for your theme.
  • All products are handmade with love and creativity.
  • There’s only one product like this! Each product is made with Special and Unique Ideas.
  • All are eco-friendly and upcycled products.

How to place your order

  • Select your product. Discuss your theme or concept.
  • Can’t think of a theme? No problem! Just call and describe your requirement ☺
  • Discuss the price and make payment to confirm the order!
  • Place final order minimum 10 days before

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